About Us

What is Mivel about?
Mivel was started as a passion project by Michael Velasco from Orange County, California. The goal was to build a brand that was committed to providing quality products that empower the individual through therapy and fitness while building a community that continues to evolve and improve their physical wellness. 

How did Mivel Start?
Amidst the COVID-19 virus spreading all over the world, the continual pursuit of physical well-being has become more important now than ever. As businesses and fitness centers closed, Mivel became part of a vision that would bring quality products to the comfort of one’s home or anywhere that can be practiced safely. Nothing should stop anyone who wants to create a better future for themselves.

Our Vision
Our journey will be an ongoing pursuit of bringing the best products to those that are determined to build their best self. We want to support our community by helping them exceed their physical goals through the service and products our brand provides. Mivel will become a one-stop shop in improving the quality of life to anyone who believes in our mission. So join us in our path to reaching the highest standard of health and wellness.